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Planning stories is becoming ever more complex

Online needs to plan stories across the day sorted by time. The same story may need to show up in the story list for print sorted by section.

And the picture desk just cares about those stories with a picture request.

Desk-Net is your central editorial calendar with various views, filters and sorting options.

Manage and review your story lists on the go

Need to see at a glance what stories your newsroom is working on?

Desk-Net's mobile version provides you with a comprehensive list of all stories across any number of platforms.

Just want to see Sports stories with a video? Multiple filters allow you to do just that.

Additional information keeps you informed on a story's status and who is actually working on that story.

Group stories into overarching #topics

Many stories belong to a topic such as "Elections" or "Super Bowl".

You can tag stories with hashtags just like you do on Twitter.

This allows you to keep an eye on what's planned for a specific topic, or what you have published so far about it.

Efficiently manage editorial appointments

You receive a press invite to an event with attachments. The next meeting in city hall must be covered.

Covering such events is daily life for most newsrooms.

Manage your desks' calendars and appointments easily with Desk-Net. 

All data related to an event such as the date and time, assignments and its coverage is aggregated into one single package. 

Streamline your assignment workflow

Who is available to work on an assignment? Who is busy?

See who is available and assign tasks to both internal and external staff.

Ask freelance contributors to confirm their assignments and have them upload their content directly into Desk-Net.

Keep your team on track with appointments and deadlines

Reporters and photographers are always rushing from appointment to appointment. The next deadline is always right around the corner.

Desk-Net keeps your team informed of all their appointments and deadlines and lets them quickly confirm or decline new assignments.

Integrated shifts and absences management

Modern newsrooms work in shifts from the morning to the night - some even around the clock and around the globe.

This increases your need to see who is actually available and assigned to what shift.

Desk-Net helps you keep track of shift assignments and absences.

Users have their shift assignments synced to their desktop or smartphone calendar.

Create editorial networks

Need to collaborate within a larger media company?

Or you want to set up an editorial network with editorial partners?

Desk-Net allows you to flexibly connect your account with others. There is no development effort involved.

Simply invite other users from other accounts to your Desk-Net account and you can make true editorial collaboration happen in seconds.

Sets up in minutes, works together with your CMS

As a pure cloud-solution Desk-Net can be set up quickly according to your needs. No upfront licence fees required.

We offer a powerful API that let's you connect your CMS to Desk-Net.

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