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Plan and coordinate your stories across platforms

Adding online publishing adds a heavy dose of complexity and slows your editorial planning processes.

Desk-Net helps you coordinate stories across any number of shows, websites, blogs, etc.

It becomes the central place for everyone involved to see what stories are being covered and how they are being covered.

Get exactly those story lists that you need for your business

Desk-Net provides you with a variety of story lists views to choose from.

And a diverse set of filters and sortings allows you to adjust those story lists exactly the way you need them.

Just want to see business stories across platforms? No problem. Want to see a list of all stories across the day? One click and you have it all.

Create and operate editorial networks

Collaboration across editorial departments or even across company borders is a fact of life for many broadcasters.

Desk-Net helps you set up and run seamless editorial networks, be it for collaborating with freelance contributors or with editorial partners. 

Just a few clicks and you can start collaborating.

Manage editorial appointments and their coverage

Covering a football match or press conference is a daily routine for most broadcasters.

Events and appointments such as these must be imported into the newsroom's calendars, be reviewed and their coverage be decided upon.

For Desk-Net an editorial appointment, assignments related to it and its coverage information is one single data package. 

This way you are constantly in control of all your newsroom's appointments and related data.

Coordinate the assignments of your internal as well as external staff

So you know what events you want to cover and what other stories to publish.

Based on that you can hand out assignments to internal as well as external users. They don't even have to be registered users.

Request a confirmation from them and track the status of their assignment.

The assigned users have access to their assignments in Desk-Net and can sync them with their editorial calendar.

Manage your staff's shifts and absences

In a fast-paced newsroom environment you need to keep track of who is available and who is not.

Use Desk-Net's absences and shift management feature to get help on this.

Define a shift such as "Late shift" and assign users to it. See how the shifts are staffed and act if Desk-Net indicates understaffing on specific days.

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