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Industries - EN - Content Marketing
Industries - EN - Content Marketing
Industries - EN - Content Marketing

Plan and coordinate stories across platforms

Once you publish on an almost daily basis simple tools quickly reach their limits when it comes to story planning.

Desk-Net supports content marketers who publish moderate to large volumes across websites and social media, across print or any other platform.

Filters and various sorting options ensure that every user sees exactly those stories that are of interest to them.

Manage multiple content lists

For online you may need to have your stories sorted by publication time. Reviewing the story lists of a customer magazine's next three monthly issues you probably want to see those three issues right next to each other with the stories sorted by section.

And as a photographer you just want to see those stories with a photo request.

Desk-Net provides you with a wide range of views, sorting options and filters so that every user sees exactly the story list they need for their job.

Coordinate task lists across teams and publications

What video assignments are due this week? Who is running late? What's the status of the graphic department's tasks?

With Desk-Net you manage tasks across teams and publications.

Manage topics

Many content marketers focus on certain core topics.

Desk-Net lets you enter, review and manage those topics and - more importantly - manage all stories associated with those topics.

You can even download an analysis in Excel format that tells you how many stories across what platforms were planned.

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