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Plan and coordinate stories across platforms

Stories need to be published across an ever-increasing number and variety of platforms.

Use Desk-Net to plan and coordinate the flow of your stories.

Filter and sort your story lists according to your needs. Grant comprehensive or partial access to your story lists to both internal as well as external users.

This way Desk-Net helps you improve the editorial quality across platforms while streamlining coordination across departments.

Manage editorial appointments and deadlines

Press invites need to be processed and posted in staffers' calendars and your story lists. The coverage of a football match and other events need to be decided on.

Desk-Net helps you manage these kinds of editorial appointments as well as the data related to them.

The result is one smooth process from the moment the press invite is received, with that information appearing in calendars and story lists with relevant tasks assigned.

Coordinate internal as well as external staff

Who is working on this story? Who is available? And who is absent or assigned to the Early Morning Shift?

You need to know and to be in control.

Hand out assignments to internal as well as external staff. See who is absent and manage the shifts and responsibilities across your editorial department.

Manage and review your story lists on the go

Need to see at a glance what stories your newsroom is working on?

Desk-Net's mobile version provides you with a comprehensive list of all stories across any number of platforms.

Just want to see Sports stories with a video? Multiple filters allow you to do just that.

Additional information keeps you informed on a story's status and who is actually working on that story.

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